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Domestic Floor Sanding & Resurfacing | Peter Newman Flooring

A lovingly restored wood floor can pleasantly enhance and add charm to any room. Bringing life and luster back to a dull floor is truly satisfying. We recognise attention to detail is essential, keeping the authenticity of the existing floors boards, for the best result possible and we will help you restore your floor to its natural beauty.

We specialise in all aspects of Wood Refinishing, Polishing and Repairs. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen take great delight in restoring floors and bringing out their full potential, seeing how with a bit of time and effort they can transform the look and feel of a room. At the beginning of a project we will assess what preparation and repairs need doing to the floor boards to ensure the best working surface for sanding, staining and polishing.

We will fix any loose boards or replace them completely, remove old tacks and nails, sink any protruding nails and fill in gaps and holes.

We use the highest quality Lagler and Festool sanding machines and dust extraction systems to sand and restore wood floors, enabling a Dustless Sanding Process causing the minimal amount of disruption as possible whilst ensuring the best possible finish and attention to detail

Your existing wooden floors are taken through a sanding process using various grits (coarseness) of abrasives. The process usually starting with a 24 grit and working it's way through 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 until completing with a 150 mesh disc prior to the application of the selected finish.

Our finishes are low odour and eco-friendly being either water based lacquers or natural hard wax oils, sourced from leading manufacturers such as Bonakemi, Osmo and Marldon. We are able to provide stains, lacquers, waxes and oils from all the major brands.